REYES Group has historically been present on the nuclear market with engineering companies and major clients. We set up all the processes that ensure the reliability of our electromechanical equipment and control their behaviour in their environment. We are involved in all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle: enrichment, reprocessing, fuel utilization/fission reaction control within the reactor, and dismantling. Our services include the design, construction and associated services (tests, qualifications, etc.) of containerized electrical rooms and electrical cabinets/cabinets/panels. Our equipment respects different degrees of safety qualification according to zoning and customer requirements. Our cabinets group together functions related to safety, security, monitoring, critical system control/ production line/ and emergency power supply to maintain continuity of service and enhance the level of security of the installations.

Our Knowledge & Expertise

We have been present in the Nuclear industry for close to 45 years. We are involved in all the steps in the fuel cycle: enrichment, reprocessing, and decommissioning. 


Our presence at nuclear sites is equally active domestically and internationally: China, Eastern Europe, Russia, Northern Europe, South Africa, Belgium. All of our products are verified and certified by the country of their destination.

Our offers