Renewable Energy

REYES Group is specialized in the design, manufacture and integration of HV/LV electrotechnical equipment. We offer turnkey solutions for energy conversion and storage on the basis of ISO containers and customised containers/shelters according to the customer’s requirements.

Our Knowledge & Expertise

Our solutions can be used in network support for isolated sites or in application for micro electrical networks or self-consumption. We provide solutions over a wide range of power from a few kWh to several MWh. Our containers are generally equipped with batteries, converters, electrical control and distribution panels, air conditioning and fire detection/extinguishing units in response to the regulations in force. REYES Group is able to offer complete solutions combining energy conversion, storage and distribution in the same packaging with the integration of a power transformer and a REYES-designed TGBT. We are also working on energy mix projects in hybridization on solar and wind farms of several MWh. Our solutions can be duplicated on trailers to promote mobility. REYES Group is also present as a panel builder supplying outdoor solar PV panels as well as low-voltage distribution boards (fixed, disconnectable, removable) in severe and specific environments (desert, corrosive, dusty, etc.).

Our Offers