Our Methods

A Variety of Teams

Reyes Groupe: A responsive SME

  • An SME (Small/Medium sized company) of around 300 employees in departments ranging form Business Support (Quality assurance, Purchasing, Accounting, Marketing, Business, Data Processing etc) to Technical Support (technical design and consultation, production, etc)
  • Consolidation of all services (business and production) to a single location in 2016: allowed for the company to achieve consistency, improve productivity, as well as to standardize our engineering practices from design to production.


Structured Purchasing Department


Our purchasing team works in close collaboration with the technical project managers in order to give each client the most relevant solutions to their specific needs:

  • In order to guarantee the best equipment at the best price, we source our electrical and mechanical equipment, paint and injection molding from France, Europe, The Maghreb Region, and Asia
  • Consultation, accreditation, and selection of different vendors.
  • Order follow-up, and if need be, conflict (litigation) management
  • Negotiation for the best price
  • Continuous search for offers with strong potential

Technical Design Department
and Planning Department

  • A Multi-faceted Design Engineering Department: electrical studies, mechanical studies, high and low voltage studies, automation studies, etc.
  • This department will work with you throughout the different stages of your project: Design and feasibility, creation, product development, implementation and functional testing, product industrialization, commissioning.
    • Software used: SolidWorks (3D Design), See Electrical, EPlan, Pro Panel (Elec.), Caneco BT/HT (design calculations), Cype (loss calculations)
    • Regulations followed: IEC 61 439 (Switchboards), NFC 13 100, 13 200, 15 100 (electricity.), Eurocodes (mechanical studies).
  • Our Planning Department works with all operational teams throughout the stages of product industrialization.
  • They work in close collaboration with the Quality Department, the Design Department, production, and purchasing department to determine the necessary tools and processes for optimized and efficient production

Peripheral Skills

Reyes Groupe offers a range of peripheral, ancillary services to better serve its clients:

  • A Quality Check Service that guarantees the quality of our sourced products. This important procedure is the first step in our process of assuring high quality products for our clients.
  • Packaging Proficiencies (Particularly SEI): Our purchasing department has sourced the best industrial packaging vendors in order to guarantee flawless delivery of your equipment :  a very specific SEI4C packaging was realized for a Shelter of 13 m x 3 m x 4 m high: it was packed on a wooden floor, with a thermo-sealable cover. During the time of its storage (about 1 year) the material will be totally preserved from all various aggressions.
  • Transport Management of our products
        • Ground and water transportation avenues
        • National and international transportation
        • Authorization management, special convoys, coordination, etc.

Production Methods and Locations

Adapted methods for all types of production

Reyes Groupe has arranged production methods and locations that allow the company to handle the most difficult needs of its clients.

  • Centralization of technical services, supporting services, and production in a location of 15,000 m².
  • Two nearby production units that total 10 000 m²
  • One production unit is situated on the Rhone River: 3 Ha (exterior) + 3 000 m² (interior) fitted for heavy lifting, bridge cranes 10T/20T, crane 45T,60T/80T
  • 2 Low Cost production sites: Tunisia and China

Dedicated Spaces

Reyes Groupe has also arranged for specific equipment such as:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Testing Rooms
  • Layout of dedicated spaces for specific products

Automated Production Zone

  • 2017: Launching of 2 programs on Automation and Organization (with the help of the region and the support of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises)
  • Rollout of Lean Management/5s/Flow Optimization techniques
  • Investment in new automatized machines that guarantee an outstanding quality of our products and services: metal working, engraving, testing, crimping, etc

Low Cost Production Zones

Reyes Tunisia: Wiring and Sub-assembly operations

In its workshop of 2 500 m², Reyes Tunisia offers an alternative for clients looking for a worthwhile price/quality compromise.

  • Supply
  • Length
  • Marking or identification of wires
  • Outfitting/extra equipment (hulls, standard or specialized connectors, etc)

The establishment of a weekly shuttle between France and Tunisia allows for a rapid and continuous response to the needs of our clients

Reyes Asia: Electronic Integration Operations

With the implementation of a 3 000 m² site in China, Reyes Asia offers electro-mechanical outsourcing with regards to material sourcing, supply, production, and flow management:

  • Electronic card production via a SMD LINE
  • Testing, calibration, and assembly of products
  • Production time optimization and compliance with quality regulations (ISO9001 v2015)
  • Variety of qualified vendors (From Plastic Mold Injections to production of electronic components)
  • Personalized “window service” for projects and studies located in France and China