Container Solution

In order to offer an affordable and practical option to our clients, we have developed integrated equipment options (electric, hydraulic, storage, etc) that fit within model shipping containers: 10’,20’, 40’. We are even able to create even larger spaces by linking different containers.

Our Knowledge & Expertise

Possible Features

Non-exhaustive list:

  • HV Switchgear
  • HV Transformers
  • Motors/VSD
  • LV Switchboards (fixed, deconnectable, or withdrawable)
  • Power Generator (Genset) 
  • Power Distribution
  • VSD, starters, 
  • Battery charging panels
  • Automation/Command Control/SCADA/DCS/PM
  • Protection and Instrumentation panel/ Measurements
  • Control  and regulation panel

Key Benefits

Modular options adapted to your needs

Target Markets