E-House / Shelter

Reyes Constructions develops and produces different types of E-Houses, adapted to the operational needs of its clients.

Our Knowledge & Expertise

Possible Features

Non-exhaustive list:

  • HV Switchgear
  • HV Transformers
  • Motors/VSD 
  • LV Switchboards (fixed, deconnectable, or withdrawable)
  • Power Generator (Genset) 
  • Power Distribution
  • VSD, starters, 
  • Battery charging panels 
  • Automation/Command Control/SCADA/DCS/PMS CHECK THESE
  • Protection and Instrumentation panel/ Measurements
  • Control and regulation panel
  • Electrical breadboard, Panel overview 
  • Communication
  • Emergency Energy: Power Generator (Genset) and convertor 
  • Supervision
  • Gas and Fire Detection and Extinguishing System
  • HVAC System: split, roof tops, compressors,…

Key Benefits

Modular Options Adapted To Your Needs

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