Serial Integration Services

Reyes Integrations is a key player in a variety of industries: railway, defense, energy, ticketing, infrastructure,…whether it is a one-time or a recurring project, our entire team is dedicated to guaranteeing high quality products and services in all areas.

Customized support...

As a top-level subcontractor, Reyes Integrations works with well-reputed industrial leaders who have decided to outsource their manufacturing (for capability and/or organizational reasons.)

What puts us above and beyond is our ability to adapt to the needs and wants of a client by providing appropriate resources throughout the entirety of the supply chain:

  • Intellectual Services: technical studies, sourcing, scaled-up production, manufacturing methods, supply chain management, FAT, and testing,…....
  • Production: production space, human resources, financing options

... throughout the duration of your project

Studies Phase

  • Process and Supply Chain Specifications
  • Implementation and packaging study
  • Réalisation prototypes

Rollout Phase

    • Implementation of the design
    • Product Industrialization (entire range of products and manufacturing process)
    • Integration of Parameters CAPM
    • Pre-series

Operational Phase

    • Upstream and downstream management
    • Assembly/cabaling/testing
    • Packaging and delivery

National and International Production Methods

Reyes Integration is located in Valence (Drôme). We also have a location in Montbron (Charente).

However, in response to the request of our clients, we have also developed 2 locations in Low Cost zones: one in Tunisia, the other in China. Thus, we are able to provide you with a variety of options according to your budget/timeframe/quality needs.

Target Markets