At 1st 2022 January, Reyes Groupe become


Our Goal

We are a creator of solutions and designer of high/low voltage electromechanical equipment for specific, critical environments. Aventech has become a major player in various energy markets: oil, gas, nucléaire, hydraulics, electricity, solar, etc. The organization is equally present in several sectors, including: infrastructure, military, engineering, packagiste, equipment manufacturing, OEM, etc. 

From standard to custom-made solutions

Aventech will assist you throughout every step of your project: from the initial studies and analyses to the delivery to your site.

Engineering, prototyping and industrialization

Aventech works with Fabless companies and companies
who wish to outsource their production

International scope

Aventech has two international production units and has designed and created equipment all over the world

Our Offers

You need to work with people who are experts in your industry. You need to work with people who understand that problem solving in electrical automation requires a thorough understanding of standards, certifications, accreditation, and normes. Aventech can be that solution for you.

We are committed to providing a qualified and certified approach in order to assure a service beyond reproach.